Majewski Jones Team

Patrick Jones

Stephen Majewski, A.I.A.


Mr. Stephen Majewski has been engaged in the field of Architecture for 32 years since obtaining a degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1976. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Majewski assisted in the formation of his former company of employment. He served as the Vice President for remaining ten years of his employment. He assisted the managing partner with all aspects of firm management as well as directing a team of seven architects and drafting staff. In order to advance his career he established his own firm in July 1998.

With a profusion of industry references due to a reputation of providing quality architectural services, Mr. Majewski joined in partnership with Patrick M. Jones, R.A. With the goal of continuing to provide quality professional services, Mr. Majewski keeps in close contact with all his clients to ensure the results of a project meet or exceed client expectations.

During his career, Mr. Majewski has had the opportunity to enjoy working on a wide range of architectural projects. These projects range from restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and new residences to office buildings and residential additions. It is the direct personal relationship with the client that Mr. Majewski finds most rewarding, regardless of scope and size of the project.

Much of Mr. Majewski work experience located in some of New Jersey’s most prestigious communities, has earned him a reputation for quality design in adapting older buildings to meet his clients needs. Some of this work includes renovations and restoration of many buildings on the National Historic Register and turn of the century mansions in New Jersey. One thing remains the same in every project; each one is designed to address the client’s specific needs.


Patrick Jones

Patrick M. Jones, A.I.A.,


Mr. Patrick Jones has more than eighteen years of experience in Architecture. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds a license to practice Architecture in New Jersey and New York State. His diverse experience includes work in the residential, corporate, commercial and hospitality fields. Before embarking on his partnership with Stephen Majewski, Patrick worked with architectural firms in New York and New Jersey. He is extremely familiar with the construction codes and building industry standards of both states. Through close contact and communication with clients, he has seen the successful completion of many projects throughout the area.

Patrick does not believe that style is the most important issue in a project. He believes servicing the client is paramount. Every client has a different sense of style and needs. He has devoted himself to tailoring the design of his projects to the needs of his clients. Address the needs of the client initially, and then style is integrated. Viewing Patrick’s portfolio certainly confirms his standpoint.

Whether it is a residential addition in a traditional style, or a contemporary office space renovation, a few things remain consistent, and that is the stellar quality and imaginative, thoughtful design for all the clients he has successfully serviced. He alone is not responsible for this. He believes that quality comes from having a dedicated, knowledgeable group in place working with the client. Assembling a team not only requires that the members are talented, but that they have a pattern and practices that only time can quantify. His past clients attest to this as well. Coordinating and working with a team is a prime factor to a successful project whether it is within his office or with outside consultants and contractors. Without integrity, it is not possible to deliver a quality product.